Things You Can Do With Rice Aside Food

Rice is greatly consumed by virtually everyone in the world. It has become a major staple for more than half of the world's population especially in developing countries. The only thing we know about this cereal is that it is a food and a major source of carbohydrate. However, there are tons of ways this grain can serve you aside being just a food for the stomach. Rice can become a saving grace in certain situations that doesn't even involve eating.

It can help Reduce Moisture In Your Home

It can be very hard to cope with dampness in our homes. This is one of the major problems we often face during rainy and winter seasons, however, rice can help in this situation. Rice are grains that absorb moisture a lot, it can very much help to cope with dampness in your home. All you need do is expose it to air and let it do it magic. You can also keep an open bowl of rice in your wardrobe too so to avoid your cloths going damp.

Save Your Phone from water damage

Sometimes we mishandle our phones and our carelessness results into something else. However, If by any chance your phone get doused in a pool of water which is enough to cause a significant disaster, don't panic just immediately disassemble the phone if you can and submerge it in a bag of uncooked rice for at least 24 hours. Since rice is a good absorber of moisture, the dry rice will draw out every bit of water from it and save you some expenses.

Decluster salt

Sometimes moisture can cause your salt to clump together making it difficult for salt shakers to do their job. Whenever you notice that your salt shaker couldn't shake out any salt because the salt has clumped, add some few grains of rice to the shaker right along the salt to absorb moisture. This will help loosen the clustered salt and ease their passage through the salt shaker. 

Make an Ice Pack or Heating Pad