How Does Animals Behave When High On Drugs?

As long as anything can breathe and live, the impacts of drugs will always be felt. In a crazy kind of way, scientist have actually made some crazy experiments using hard drugs on animals to see how these little creatures would react. To their greatest surprise, the reactions of these guys is not in any way different from a full grown human high on drugs. These poor creatures behaved in a bizarre or rather a funny way that got those scientist amazed. Although these experiments may look weird but in some ways, very interesting. Because it has given us some deep insights and made us realize some really amazing stuffs about our world.

You can use cocaine to make rats love any music.

Two neuroscientists discovered something really amazing about lab rats. In an experiment, they let the rats pick what music they wanted to listen to between Jazz and classical musics. The rats rather decided to listen to the Jazz due to their cocaine highness. They would become hyperactive when the jazz song is being played compare to any other music. Even after giving the rats enough time to sober up, they still loved the music.

Fruit Flies turned gay after getting high on alcohol.

A Pennsylvania State University professor Kyung-An Han and her colleague, ran an illuminating experiment to know how alcohol can influence sexual activities in fruit flies (Drosophila). These are actually insects that would normally buzz around the opposite sex for courtship. But after this experiments, it was reveled that alcohol could make things turn around in the opposite way.

On the study, the researchers got the flies drunk with ethanol-doused cotton pad placed at the base of the chamber, and filmed them using a camera held above the Flypub’s transparent ceiling. They noticed the flies behaved in a kind of way which explains that they are freaking out due to the influence of alcohol.

Although the result of the first few days were disappointing but the scientist never gave up but kept boozing the flies daily with alcohol. On the third day, the hidden gay vibes was finally unveiled. The Fruit flies rather decided to turn gay due to too much highness. Although it has been known before now that alcohol can stimulate sexual desires. But this experiment actually confirmed the proof -but this time, in a rather outrageous way.

Cocaine habits can make Honeybee’s lazy.

The impact of cocaine and how it affects our daily working activities is not only limited to human beings. An experiment has actually shown that even animals could also goof off when high on coke. Bees are insects who goes out everyday to find food for their colony. Study have shown that whenever, bees are coming back with any thing edible either nectar or pollen, they would make a "waggle dance" to others, signalling a joy-full day.

In an experiment, two biology researchers decided to feed honey bees cocaine daily to see how they will react. They fed and studied them for months. They discovered that these creatures get lazy each time they got high on drugs and have nothing reasonable to bring back home whenever they go out in search for food.

The researchers noticed that bees who got high on cocaine would make a "waggle dance" that they had brought some foods home but at the end, they turned out to be horrible liars who had came back with nothing.

This is actually a very important study because if bees are continuously getting exposed to hard drugs daily, it means the availability of honey in the society could be affected.

What would happen when you feed your pets with Prozac?

Human beings are not the only ones that suffers depression, animals as well could also be subjected to the turmoil of psychological stress. Studies have shown that as little as honey bees and fruits flies, they can also be depressed or suffer from one psychological problem or the other.

You may have observed that sometimes your pets exhibits some unusual behaviors. They at times feel unhappy and moody, making you surprised at why they are not excited as they used to be when around you. Several researches have shown that Prozac is not a drug that can only relief anxiety in humans, they can also be good for your pets too.

In one study, researchers gave Prozac to about 100 dogs and found that their symptoms of anxiety significantly reduced. Across the board, the dogs that were given Prozac showed less destruction behavior and had fewer urination problems.

This has actually made many veterinarians to adopt the use of Prozac as a good remedy for animals stress and anxiety problems. 

Give any animal coffee and see their reaction

Coffee is a beverage that comes in handy in our daily activities. It awaken our body and keeps us alert in order to face the daily challenges that life has to offer. Having a cup of coffee is one of the best ways to wake up your day with glee. If coffee is to be celebrated as one of the best beverages in the world, it means we must give credits to it caffeine content. 

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that is strictly found in coffees. Unlike any other psychoactive drugs, caffeine is globally legal. It is responsible for all the magic that coffee does to our body. Caffeine does not only have effect in humans but also in animals.

Let us discuss a brief history about the origin of coffee in order to understand ourselves better. 

According to a popular Legend, coffee is said to originate in Ethiopia during the 15th century. 

According to the story, there was an Ethiopian goat herder called Kaldi. He noticed that his goats were very energetic and would refuse to sleep all nights, he then decide to find out what the cause could be. One day he noticed that his goats usually go to a particular tree to feed on berries and each time they do that, sleeping at night becomes difficult for them. They would stay awake all night -hyperactive and filled with energy.

After noticing this, he decide to experiment these berries to know if truly they were responsible. To cut the story short, his results were confirmed. He then realized that the berries were responsible for the sleeplessness his goats faced everyday. 

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