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Here's Why You Should Always Put a Bar Soap Under Your Bedsheet

Sep 17, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 4.9K

Do you find it difficult sleeping at night due to leg cramps or chronic restless leg syndrome? Nocturnal leg cramps can make your sleep miserable. It is a painful muscle contraction that tend to occur severally at night preventing you from enjoying a total night rest. You may have tried everything you could to prevent it from occurring or rather ease the pain but to no avail. However, there is a good news -before you tuck yourself into bed tonight, slip a bar of soap under the covers, it may do some magic.

Apparently, a bar of soap releases the mineral magnesium while you sleep, which experts says will relieve nocturnal leg cramping. Soaps made from lavender oil particularly have been proved to be the most effective. Lavender is an essential oil that has several health benefits. It scent can be so relaxing that it can help one cope with stress and depression. Other soaps apart from lavender soaps may work though.

If you do decide to test this method out, you wouldn’t be alone because quite a number of people have confirmed the result and how effective the soap method is. However, very little research backs this up. You might hear a different story when you consult other health practitioners. According to some experts, If you are experiencing cramping, it’s important to look at your hydration level first because dehydration can be the leading cause of it. Other causes includes low intake of magnesium in your diet.

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