How Businesses Hack Customers Brain to Make them Spend Money

Sep 04, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

If you must be successful in your business, you must be convincing enough to actually make your customers see reasons they need to patronize you. A lot of business owners and managements have got to do a lot of things or use business strategies just to create a pool of customers for their businesses. However, most of those business usually employ dubious means into achieving this aim while others may not literally employ odd attitudes into convincing their customers but let their customers still have the final decisions to make as regards whether they would patronize them or not. 

It may be so interesting to know that a lot of businesses have several tricks up their sleeves which they use on us, they can play both psychological and scientific pranks on our mind which may be hard for us to resist. In other words, they hack our brains in a subtle way possible that even we our self are not aware of.

Take a look at some examples below;