Crazy Things You Don't Know Can Actually Make You Look Attractive

When we talk of attractiveness, it goes far beyond your facial looks or the perfect body shape you thinks you have got. A lot of things come into play when considering what looks attractive and what does not. However, peoples decisions and the way they define beauty are influenced by a number of factors which varies from person to person.


The way our biological system works is very marvelous. Sometimes we think we know our body and how it functions but the other times we see ourselves as aliens yet to understand. However, Science has gone quite far in explaining a lot of things about our biological system and how it works but there are still some puzzles that throw scientist off balance.    

According to one study, food can influence sexual appeal most especially in women. Researchers at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota found that women find men 20 percent more attractive immediately after the women eat something spicy. Many don't know how this is possible but according to the authors, it has to do with something called embodied cognition which is a kind of a mental behavior.


Color plays a huge role when it comes to beauty and romance. Just at the sight of your fancy boxers, some women may just feel horny and want to get right down with you. A lot of men had taken advantages attached with colors so also a lot of women. Quite a few studies have shown that men tend to find women more attractive when they are dressed up on red compare to any other colors. It’s perceived to be an indicator of sexual willingness in women. This is quite correct because if you notice, women always take advantage of red colors when casting their spell because they know that men would always find it difficult to resist. I guess you know what i mean!


If you are paying attention to the cosmetic industries then you will be left with no option but to believe that scars makes one look unattractive. But if you decide to listen to what science is saying then you will really notice that in some ways, they make one look sexually appealing most especially in men.

Studies have found that facial scars in men are considered to be more attractive for women seeking a short-term relationships. They pass a message of strength and bravery to the women. They also inherently indicate higher levels of testosterone and genetic qualities.


Science have shown that sweat can actually make you more attractive most especially for men. Research have shown that male sweat contains a pheromone called androstadienone. It raises the levels of the cortisol hormone among women, which is responsible for sexual arousal and the activation of certain regions of the brain in them.

However, It is not good to sweat a lot due to the adverse effect it can have on your body, but for the sake of courtship, you may sometimes want to appear sweaty hot in order to spice things up and cast some irresistible spell on your partner. If you have ever been to the gym and notice that a girl around the corner is gazing lustfully at you while drowned in the pool of your own sweat, do not be surprise, you may just be casting some spell on her at that moment that's why.

Angry face

Some women have actually said they feel attached to men who always wear a angry face. To them it makes a man look bold, strong, threatening and dominant. If you have ever wondered why some women fall in love so easily with bad looking boys, i guess you shouldn't be baffled anymore because In a crazy kind of way, most women are just biologically wired to feel that way.

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