Science Have Gone Crazy with This Invention

Aug 20, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Science is really going crazy! 

A lot of things that seems impossible to the natural mind is becoming possible to the scientific mind.

Scientists at Pennsylvania State University are already working on converting our poop and urine to food. Although this diet is not for regular people but for astronauts who embark on a long term space travel. Taking food to space is a very expensive thing to do that is why scientist have came up with this innovation. 

The food is made by anaerobic digestion - a process in which microorganisms break down waste without using oxygen. In this process, a first group of microbes is added to poop and urine to produce methane, the methane is then fed to a second group of microbes and the result is a consumable substance that contains 52 percent protein and 36 percent fats.

I know you may be thinking that it looks very disgusting! of course it is, it looks very disgusting but at the same time very innovative. 

Also you may be wondering how safe the food could be, but however, it has been shown that the diet is free of all diseases because dangerous pathogens will not have time to develop due to the actions of the microbes involved.

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