This is What Your Sitting Position Says About Your Personality

Aug 19, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Body languages have a bigger role to play in our life, it says a lot of things about us and our personality. It can be very difficult when it comes to communicating our feeling, but with body language, conveying our emotions and the way we feel about things becomes much easier.

It may look ridiculous but it is actually true, that the way you sit may be saying a lot about your personality. 

Position 1

People like this are very spontaneous, charismatic and creative. They do not think too much before they act and they don't find it difficult doing and achieving things, they are very good at being spontaneous. They’re usually very popular and can make friends easily but the limitation is that most of their relationship with friends don't last long.

Position 2

These type of people are good in fantasizing. They have a very strong imagination power and are usually completely lost in their own thought. They’re very emotional and empathetic, and they are good listeners.

Position 3

They are very spirited and enthusiastic people who have a lot of trouble concentrating and sitting still. They are often talkative people who speak before thinking about the impact of their words.They are usually extroverts who makes friends easily however, in a relationships they can quickly become disinterested.

Position 4

These type of people are good rational thinkers. They’re punctual, neat and orderly and very meticulous in doing things. They always want everything to be in order. They are cool, reserved, intelligent, and well cultured. They remain calm in every situation and don’t easily lose perspective.

Position 5

They are goal oriented people and hard working, they like setting goals and achieving all of them and they don't like settling for less. They are very principled in every thing they do including their relationship life, they are the type of people you cannot override.  

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