This Is How You Can Prevent Dampness In Your Room

Up to 90 percent of homes around the world suffer dampness. You must not live in rain forest districts or a riverine area for your home to become a breeding ground for molds, some every day activities and some daily habits could make your home prone to dampness, of which will be a total turnoff for you that you may not like.

If you must eradicate dampness from your home and prevent mold from growing, you must engage yourself actively in this activities below;   

Keep your home ventilated

Do not let your room get too stuffy, A ventilated room is always less prone to dampness. Make sure your room is well ventilated by allowing air come in and out.

Get a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is a home appliance that helps to suck out moisture from your home and prevent dampness, it works like an air condition but the different is that it does not produces air, while an AC will suck warm air around your home and convert it into a cold air then release it back for you to enjoy, a dehumidifier on the other hand only sucks moist air without releasing anything in return but removing dampness from your home. It is a must have if you must fight dampness in your home effectively.

Don't dry clothes in your room

You may want to consider not drying cloths in your rooms if you must prevent dampness. Drying clothes indoors increase the chance of your room getting cold and damp.

Open your windows and curtains

Don't trap your self in the closet and encourage dampness. Always keep your windows open for ventilation to come in and out. Allowing the day light have access to your room is a good way of preventing molds from growing around. 

Use oil paints in your home

Oil paints on walls prevent dampness and hinder molds from growing

Remove window condensation

You may have notice that there are always moisture trapped on your glass windows, always cultivate the habits of cleaning your window often. 

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