See Natural Ways Of Removing Stains From White Shirt - No Bleach

Jul 24, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Getting stains to leave whites shirts can be very overwhelming. Most people have ditched a lot of their white shirts simply because they felt that the little creamy spot on it had ruined it already.

But there is a good news for you, a very simple and less dangerous process that could do wonders to your white shirt and make you and your shirt happy again. However, there are other alternatives that could work as well such as bleach, but bleaches are very dangerous, they can react badly with the skin and can pose other significant threats to you.

But with this simple process below you are totally 100 percent safe.

   Boil enough hot water and pour in a basin

   Cut some slice of lemon into the basin containing the hot water

   Put your shirt into the basin containing the hot water and sliced lemon.

   Let it soak for several minutes to hours until you are satisfied.

   Allow it get cooled, because by this time the citric acid of the lemon must have soften the stain on the white shirt

.    Now remove the shirt and wash as usual with another clean water and detergent.

.    Allow it to get dried thoroughly, and boom !! there you have it. 

When dried you will see how happy you and your white shirt will be. 

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