This Jelly Drops Can Help People With Dementia

Jun 14, 2019 Kayode Oseh

These simple little Jelly Drops were invented to solve a problem with dementia. Those suffering from dementia often have issues from memory loss and difficulties with everyday tasks including basic healthcare like drinking enough water. As a result, the sufferers can become unwell quite quickly due to dehydration.

Lewis Hornby set about solving this problem, first by sensory deprivation techniques and virtual reality tools to experience what life might be like for the elderly suffering with these problems, then by researching how to create super-hydrating foods.

Jelly Drops are the result. These colourful drops are made from 90 per cent water and include extra ingredients to further support hydration. They're flavoured and coloured to make them more enticing. Research have it that most people with dementia were more likely to eat lots of them than remember to drink water. The life-saving potential for this simple solution speaks for itself.

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