If You Have Never Been Kissed Before --- Here Is a Guide to Your First Kiss

May 23, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Kissing is a very romantic moment that brigs a lot of connections. If you are a guy that have never kissed before, kissing for the first time can be very discouraging because you may feel some kissing jitters. Read on for tips on a few things you can do to have a memorable first kiss with a girl — even if you've never been kissed. Have fun kissing!  

Method 1:


Use the back of your hand. Practice with the back of your hand in the privacy of your own room or when you are alone so you don't look strange because you are essentially kissing yourself.

. To do this, you should open your mouth as wide as your index finger when you have it laying sideways over your mouth.

.  Put your lips gently over the back of your hand. You can move your lips in a circular motion, or pretend like you are lightly sucking the juice out of a fruit, like a plum.

Stand in front of the mirror and pretend like she is front of you.
Practice parting your lips in a circular motion.

. You can also use your tongue, like you're gently pushing into the flesh of a soft fruit.

Method 2 :

Show Her That You're Ready

. Use your eyes. Gesture by looking into her eyes, looking at her lips, and then back at her eyes to show your readiness.

. Sit really close to her to show affection and establish intimacy. If she is nervous and you feel like the time is right to kiss her, catching her off-guard by kissing her might take the edge off and pleasantly surprise her — and you!

. Work up to the kiss by flirting. Touch her hand gently when you're talking to her; compliment her eyes or hair; or stare longingly into her eyes. Never underestimate what a simple touch can do to set the mood for the perfect first kiss. Touching your girlfriend breaks the barrier that separates the two of you and paves the way to a more intimate connection, which is the kiss.

. Maintain eye contact until you kiss. Fix the other person's gaze with your eyes and don't close your eyes until you've gone into the kiss. Locking onto her eyes is the best way to pull her in to grab that kiss.

Method 3 :

Look For Signals That She Will Return Your Kiss

Read clear, non-verbal signs from your girl. A few signals that show her readiness can save you from making the wrong move:

   .     She stares at your lips a lot.

   .     She starts talking about kissing, or kiss-related topics. Is she talking about how she has never had a great kiss? is she revealing to you that she appreciates a great kisser? If so it's time to pucker up and grace her with your kiss.

   .     She pauses, as if expecting a kiss, especially at the end of the date. Be sure that there is no other reason for her apparent pausing and expectant state.

   .     If she is not appearing uncomfortable and appears to like the intimacy with you, then it is assumed that you can go in for a kiss.

Method 4:

Ask Her if She Wants to be Kissed

. Go ahead and ask. Since you've never been kissed, you may find it difficult to read your girl's non-verbal cues.

. Be creative and ask in a way that puts her at ease. A few prompts would be:

  .      I really want to kiss you right now...

  .      I want to show you just how much you mean to me...

  .      Can I kiss you goodnight?


.  Use proper body language. Don't keep your arms crossed or your hands in your pockets when you want to be kissed or you will look aloof. Put your hand on her neck or cheek and initiate eye contact.

   Practice good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth, gargle, and chew gum. Don't eat stinky food before your kiss. If you do keep a mint on hand to take away the smell. Blow against your hand to test your breath — you won't regret it!

.    Relax and let your instincts take over. The last thing you want is a few awkward and failed attempts at going in for a kiss.

   Establish a rhythm. There's no need to eat your girlfriend's face off!

.    Take care of your lips by keeping them soft with lip balm. Make sure that they aren't dry or flaky.

   Get her alone. If you’re at a party or in a crowded place, look for an area where you can have some privacy. The last thing you want is the added pressure of gawking eyes.

   Don't go in or come out of a kiss too fast. Take your time and enjoy the moment — most girls don't like feeling rushed.

   If you both want it to happen it will, so just take a breather and everything will work itself out.


 .   Be realistic in your "first kiss" expectations. It may not be the most dreamy kiss, but with time, kissing your girlfriend will feel more natural. As you have more kisses logged with your girlfriend, you will only get better at kissing her.

 .   There's no need to reveal that you've never been kissed unless the moment calls for it, or unless the girl asks. This is something that can be shared after the moment has passed — not before.

 .   Make sure the girl is really into you. There’s nothing more embarrassing than making a move to kiss someone, only to have her pull away. There’s a big difference between a girl who’s shy and a girl who sees you as just a friend.

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