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Popular Christmas Dishes In Nigeria--They are so lovely

May 08, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 2.9K

Christmas is a season that comes with it own unique vibe and spirit. It is one of the most interesting holidays of the year when Christians have good time and celebrate with families, neighbors and loved ones. The spirit of Christmas can not be overemphasized due to the kind of package that comes alongside this advent season---Celebrations here and there, exchange of gifts between friends and families, Visiting of neighbors and relations.

Due to the glamour that comes with this celebration, even non Christians have also adopted it as one of their most interesting seasons they observe. When it comes to celebrating Christmas, Nigeria is just a perfect place for this because they know how to keep the spirit alive most especially the kind of sumptuous dishes prepared by families and friends. 

So sit back and relax as we share some of the most delicious Nigerian Christmas meals. Cheers!!!

Pepper Soup:

 It starts with the famous appetizer pepper soup. This Christmas meal is what ignites your stomach for the main meal that’s coming ahead. Depending on your preference, there’s- catfish, goat meat, chicken and so much more to choose from.

Jollof Rice:

This has to be one of the most popular dishes served in this part of the world. Elsewhere jollof rice definitely not a new kid on the block. The best part of this Christmas meal is that you can add your own twist to it and make it suit your taste and flavour. There are other rice options- fried, white, coconut and the list goes on.

Pounded Yam and Egusi

This is just a mouth watering dish that makes you salivate even when it has not stepped foot on your tongue. Wow!!! Christmas pounded yam and egusi is just one of a kind, the glory that comes along side with it is just different from when it is been prepared in an ordinary day. You feel like hallucinating when eating this most especially when all kind of assorted meats and fish are swimming and enjoying them selves inside the soup.


May the God of chicken have mercy on us that is if there is any. Is there really a Christmas meal if there isn’t Chicken in the mix? This is one of the main reasons people look forward to eating, the tasty treasure that awaits you at the end. It can be prepared in different methods and dosed, dipped and layered with your preferred sauce.


Most people thinks that cakes are made for birthdays and weddings alone. Don't you think that Jesus Christ as well deserves a birthday cake or are we not celebrating Christmas? Adding a cake to your Christmas dish is amazing. It feels so fun having it around during this period and can also serve as dessert. 


Most families add this as part of their Xmas recipe but most at times people prefer enjoying it at bars and lounge because barbecue goes in handy with a chilled beer and any other non alcoholics. So Christmas is one period when this spiritual meal is enjoyed because it reminds us that we are celebrating the birth of Christ.

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