Useful Gadget For Any Kids Room

May 08, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Smart Duvet

Tired of imploring your offspring to exert the minimal effort required to make a bed? Get the SmartDuvet, a self-making bed system that works with your existing bed and bedding. The SmartDuvet consists of a control box, which can easily be stowed beneath the bed, and the “smart duvet” itself—a blanket of air channels and chambers that fits seamlessly between your existing duvet and duvet cover.

Via an accompanying smart device app, SmartDuvet owners can inflate the channels and chambers (on demand or at a scheduled time), forcing the duvet to unfurl and the bed to self-make. The end result is one less daily battle waged. Better still, the SmartDuvet features climate control technology, allowing you, the doting parent, to keep your loved one toasty or cool to an exact degree.

Google Wi-Fi

If your children are old enough to have their own devices, you know how hard it can be to keep them off of their phones, computers or tablets. Google Wi-Fi can help. Not only does the mesh network help provide high-speed wireless internet across your home regardless of size, but Wi-Fi has a number of parent-friendly (and user-friendly) features.

Glance Clock

While the design is decidedly classic, the Glance’s clockface is comprised of a series of light-up tiles. The smart timepiece can connect with just about every third party app you use, allowing users to sync the clock with your calendars, smart home devices and other apps to display weather, upcoming events, incoming phone calls, important reminders—or even if someone just walked through the front door.

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