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Points For Computer Eye Strain Relief

Dec 03, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 4K
With so many of people using computers at work, computer eye strain has become a major job-related complaint. Therefore, it is essential for you to prevent or deal with computer eye-strain.

Use proper lighting
Eye strain is often caused by excessively bright light either from outdoor sunlight coming in through a window or from harsh interior lighting. When you use a computer, your ambient lighting should be about half as bright as that typically found in most offices. Your eyes will feel better if you can avoid working under overhead fluorescent lights

Minimise glare
The reflections on your computer screen can cause computer eye strain. Consider installing an anti-glare screen on your monitor. Again, cover the windows. When outside light cannot be reduced, consider using a computer hood. If you wear glasses, purchase lenses with anti-reflective (AR) coating. AR coating reduces glare by minimizing the amount of light reflecting off the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses.

Adjust your computer display settings
Adjusting the display settings of your computer can help reduce eye strain and fatigue. Generally, these adjustments are beneficial brightness, text size and contrast.

Blink more often
Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. When working at a computer, people blink less frequently about one-third as often as they normally do. Hence try as much as possible to blink.

Exercise your eyes
Another cause of computer eye strain is focusing fatigue. To reduce your risk of tiring your eyes by constantly focusing on your screen, look away from your computer at least every 20 minutes and gaze at a distant object (at least 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds.

Consider computer eyewear
For the greatest comfort at your computer, you might benefit from having your eye care professional modify your eyeglasses prescription to create customized computer glasses. This is especially true if you normally wear contact lenses, which may become dry and uncomfortable during sustained computer work.

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