Health Warning Signs From Your Feet To Never Ignore

When it comes to your health, you can never be too careful. Even the most little things you may ignore may be a sign of a more serious problem, and the resulting pain is simply not worth the risk if you delay seeking the help of a medical professional. Thankfully, there is one part of your body that can signal warning signs about the rest of it: your feet.

Yellow toenails
Your toenails should look a lot like your fingernails. If there's any discolouration, it's probably a sign that something else is going on. The most commonly discoloured toenail is yellow, and that is usually caused by a fungal infection. You can get this from just about anywhere, from your shoes to the local swimming pool. Luckily, a fungal infection is quick and easy to deal with.

Flaky feet
Flaky or dry skin isn't a good thing, no matter where it is in your body. But for feet, specifically, flaky skin can be a sign of athlete's foot, especially if the flakiness is coming from between the toes or it can signify problems with your thyroid.

Cold feet
If you experience cold feet, your feet may be trying to tell you something, namely that your thyroid may not be working correctly. It may also be a sign of poor circulation because your blood isn't getting to your extremities. You may notice that your hands and fingers are also much colder than other people's. If you've got constantly cold feet, it might be something worth checking out.

It's never good when a part of your body goes numb, so hopefully, when you feel your feet going numb for no reason, you're already on your way to the doctor to check it out. Numbness in the feet can be caused by nerve damage. People with diabetes are at risk of having this numbness of the feet, so keep an eye out and get checked if this happens.

Long-term sores
A sore on your feet that won't heal is a warning sign of diabetes. Cuts and sores would normally heal will stick around indefinitely. In extreme cases, this can lead to severe infection in which amputation is necessary.

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