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Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Weekend Getaway

Dec 03, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.5K
Escaping for a long weekend can be the best experience right. However, these totally avoidable mistakes can ruin your quick weekend getaway.

Booking a hotel too far from the action
This is one of the biggest mistakes some weekend travellers make. It generally takes time to get to and from a city when you stay farther out, and you're going to have to pay more for transport, too. If you're going to Obudu Cattle Ranch for a short visit you should stay at a hotel right near the attractions.

Not checking in online
Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and finding out that your bag is on its way to your chosen destination. It could take four days to get it back-meaning you'll have it just in time to check it for your flight home. And checking a bag usually requires more time at the airport-instead you can spend more time seeing the sights and then head straight to security on the way home. The best solution to this is just to check in online.

Booking a flight with multiple connections
Due to the fact that you want to book a cheap flight, you choose a flight that has multiple connections. It's a fine way to save some money—until you find yourself spending extra hours on layovers and facing potential delays.

Forgetting to prepare for a new time zone
Anywhere you go, do everything possible to maintain the new time schedule you're on. If it's already nighttime in your destination when you step on the plane, pass on the in-flight meal and movie and pop in the earplugs for a snooze instead—that way you'll be waking up with the locals, instead of feeling like it's time to sleep when you touch down.

Dressing for only one part of the day
When your time is limited, avoid dressing like a tourist on urban exploration, which most likely requires heading back to the hotel to change for the evening. The key is smart layering. For both men and women, a thin T-shirt with a cardigan or blazer is a good way to go in temperate climates. And for footwear, opt for comfortable leather shoes instead of the sneakers from your gym bag.

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