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Reasons You Will Love Touring Calabar

Dec 02, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.8K
Calabar is unarguably Nigeria's tourism hub and haven. If you so desire to explore Nigeria, you must include Calabar on your itinerary.

Uncountable tourist attractions
Calabar blessed is blessed with endless tourist attractions. Anyone visiting the state should be ready to be treated to virgin forests, resorts, hills, waterfalls and mountain. Leading the pack in terms of popularity is the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Other Calabar attractions include Tinapa Lakeside Resort, Kwa Waterfalls, Drill Ranch and National Park.

Great hospitality
Calabar people are synonymous with hospitality. They are very hospitable which is why over the years, it has become a choice destination for tourists besides its many tourist destinations. They are accommodating and they have a medley of cuisines that will leave you desiring for more. As a Nigerian, you must have heard of the soup duo-Edikaikong and Afang. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There is more if you visit Calabar.

Going on tour is education in itself. There is so much to learn while travelling. However, for Calabar, it is different. Tourists who intend to visit the state should include the slave museum on their to-do lists. You will go down memory lane as you will be told about the sad and dark days of slavery in Calabar and much more.

Host the biggest carnival/festival in Africa
The Calabar carnival is usually tagged as Africa's biggest street party. Whether you believe it or not, Calabar is the place to be in December. You will definitely have a thrilling and indelible experience.

It is a clean city
Calabar boasts of a relatively clean environment especially when you compare it to other cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria. The fact is tourists won't visit a place where the streets are littered.

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