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How Smartphones Have Disrupted the Way Nigerians Travel

Dec 01, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 2K
A smartphone is now an integral part of our lives. They've literally become ubiquitous, replacing quite a few of our day-to-day objects and bringing a whole new meaning to the term multitasking. The travel industry is not immune from this smartphone phone disruption. How has smartphone changed the way people travel?

Planning a trip
With the aid of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, you can easily gather your friends to plan a getaway to any local or international destination. You simply need to create a group and share information about the getaway with friends.

Find your way around
Finding your way around a particular spot is no longer difficult, thanks to Google map. With Google map, you do not only find your way around the town or city, you can also find banks, ATM spots, taxi parks, shopping malls and other places of interest.

Travel photos
The days of the camera are numbered. This is because, with a good smartphone camera, you can take quality travel pictures and share them on social media. You do not need to employ the services of a photographer.

Booking flight & accommodation
The arrival of the smartphone has been particularly pertinent in how you book hotel accommodation. The adoption of smartphones has made travellers more spontaneous and last minute. A substantial number of bookings are now done via a mobile device. This is because it is seamless to use a smartphone.

Places to check out
To decide on a destination to visit, many travellers use their smartphone to get information about the place. There are tons of information about the destination that can help your decision making. However, ensure that you are getting the information from a trustworthy website.

Ordering room service
Most hotels still take room service orders the old-fashioned way: You thumb through the in-room menu, compile your order and place a call to the correct extension. But for some hotels, you can order room service through their app, which would ideally make the process more efficient and easier.

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