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Basic Things Every Hotel Should Have

May 30, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 4.8K
There are so many hotels around today that you are spoilt for choice. A challenge that some hotel guests encounter are the facilities available at these hotels. In some cases, it makes no difference if you book the hotel online. This said, there are some basic things every hotel should have.

Cleanliness is an extremely important factor, whether you're staying in a one star or five-star hotel. There's nothing worse than checking into a hotel room and finding bed bugs or cockroaches roaming freely.

Plenty of Electricity Sockets
Nowadays, guests are checking into hotels with at least two or three devices, and the device that every guest need is electricity sockets. Every hotel room should have plenty of electricity sockets. There should be at least two free electricity sockets near the bed where guests can charge their phone and laptop at a minimum.

After a long flight and arriving at your hotel in the early hours of the morning, there should be water to take your bath. You will be surprised that some hotels lack these something as basic as water.

Complimentary Wi-Fi
Hotels should provide their guests with strong and free Wi-Fi. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to prepare the following day's work using Wi-Fi that takes 10 minutes to load a page. Almost everyone uses Wi-Fi wherever they go, so hotels should make it a priority that they can provide their guests with this basic feature. Besides, it is one way to attract more customers.

Quality food
Providing tasty food at a good price greatly benefits the hotel by significantly increasing guest satisfaction and engagement with the hotel's services. Hotel guests won't be happy if the food is not up to scratch.

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