Simple Job Tips People Always Forget

Sometimes the most effective things are the simplest and most basic. Unfortunately, because of how simple and basic they are, people tend to easily forget them. Many times, this is what happens to job seekers during their job search. They forget basic tips that could really help make their search more fruitful if they only remembered to employ them. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 simple job tips people always forget.

Make Yourself an Obvious Fit

Many times when you go through an online application process, your application is screened by an applicant tracking system before it is screened by HR. It behooves you to try to ensure that everything about your application is simple and straight-forward enough for both the computer and human eyes that would screen it to see you as a fit for what they (HR personnel) or it (computer) is looking for. A useful tip for doing this is to study the job description and available information you have on the position and try to mirror the words and phrases used. This doesn't mean you should copy and paste them, but rather that you write your application in line with those words and phrases, and that you should showcase your strengths in the areas considered paramount to the role.

Don't Limit Yourself to Online Applications

Solely relying on online applications to get a job can be quite limiting, and can make your chances of getting a job slimmer. It is best to start finding and endearing yourself to people who work at your company of interest and build relationships with them that are strong enough to get you a referral or recommendation from them when recruitment season starts. Basically, you should try to get within the radar of those who can influence your chances of getting an interview with your company or companies of choice. Many decision makers tend to consider those applications that come by way of recommendation or referral before sorting through the 'pile' of resumes that come through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

Remember to Modify Your Resume and/or LinkedIn Profile

Your resume and LinkedIn profile might be aesthetically breathtaking but that will do you no good if its content is not what employers are looking for. You should endeavor to modify wordings, key terms, bullet points etc., as well as add new skills and education gained over time to your resume and LinkedIn profile to help better position yourself as a direct match for the roles you're applying for. If you want to make edits to your LinkedIn profile covert to your connections for one reason or the other, you can easily turn off activity broadcasts within privacy and settings and freely make whatever modifications or adjustments you want to make to your LinkedIn page.

Give Yourself Permission to be Polished but Endearing

Few people get hired because they had the perfect resume and cover letter, memorized all the correct answers to interview questions or used incredibly safe and common phrases (in other words, cliches) throughout their interview(s). All of this correctness is just going to make the applicant seems staged and non-genuine. It is much better to instead endeavor to balance being polished or perfect in your interview delivery with being endearing. Memorable and likable candidates are often the ones who go the distance and eventually get the job.

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