Types Of People You'll Meet On Vacation

Travel opens you up to the world in more ways than you can imagine, and one of these ways is in the types of people it helps you meet, people from different walks of life, who you might eventually end up becoming friends with.

The JJC or First Timer

These are those that have either never been to the destination before, or it is their first time traveling on their own to said destination (that is, without a parent or guardian). The second part are usually those traveling in their teens or early twenties. Suffice to say, these people are determined to 'have it large' in the grandest way. They typically tend to be generally excited about everything (some even to be point of being hyper about it) and they are also more prone to react in fascination to most things they witness. This is quite okay considering it's their first time and we are all allowed to be a little excited when experiencing things for the first time.

The Over-Sharer

You can either meet this person on the plane or at your holiday destination. He/she generally just tends to give way too much personal information in what should have been a light conversation or small talk. The over-sharer embodies the expression 'TMI (Too Much Information)', but aside potentially driving you crazy with all their talk, when your trip is over, they can actually give you some funny memories to reflect on and laugh at.

The Over-Sabi or Adventure Addict

These ones are so addicted to adventure that they will defy death and the instruction of the tourist guides to seek their puzzling thrill. They are the ones you'll see sneaking off from the general group of tourists to do something completely outside what had been planned for tourists and outside what is even considered safe for human beings. Nevertheless, if you are looking to get exponentially well outside of your comfort zone, you can join them for some of their fun and adventure. Traveling with them can be exhausting as they are always up for anything but it can still be fun as long as you stick to your limits.

The Lovers

These types of people will make you feel as if you don't even know what love is with all their PDA (public display of affection). They are especially rampant in European cities like Venice or Paris. When they are not kissing, touching, hugging, hand holding or baby talking, their stopping mid-way into the tour to take selfies, make snapchat videos and kiss and hug some more, sometimes delaying everyone else. in the process. Many times, you find yourself exercising all restraint to keep from punching them in the face.

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