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Good Reasons Why Nigerians Should Always Travel Light

May 18, 2018 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.9K
One of the trademarks of Nigerians is that they always love to travel heavy. When you see them at the airport, they are circled by different sizes of luggage. This luggage alongside their clothes usually contains souvenirs and gift items they want to distribute to friends and family members. Visitors who pay them welcome back visits do not expect to return home empty-handed.

The truth is Nigerian travellers need to realise that travelling light is better due to the following reasons highlighted by Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency. Hopefully, this will encourage Nigerians to travel with less luggage.

You will escape baggage fees

Whether you are flying or travelling by road, you cannot escape baggage fees if you are travelling heavy. In fact, airlines and transport companies are always happy when they see a passenger with so many luggage because they are going to make extra money. This alone should make travelling light very attractive to you.

Saves you time

The benefit here is that you will completely eliminate the time waiting to check-in your luggage and it also reduces your risk of missing your flight. In addition, if you travel light, you can easily check-in online.

Your luggage won't get missing or stolen

With bags all around you, it will be very difficult for you to have eyes on all of them. Hence, it will be easy for thieves to pick one of your bags and disappear with it. Also, you may forget one of them. So, why travel heavy?

You will be able to get around quickly

Traveling light also gives you the ability to navigate situations quickly. Having a heavy bag complicates this. A small lightweight backpack or bag makes transit effortless.

You will learn to shop smarter

Once you realise how amazing it is to travel light, you will begin to look at your wardrobe differently. Rather than just buying more, you will choose clothes that match well with other pieces in your wardrobe or accessories that can transform from day to night. As for gifts, you can buy them when you eventually return home.

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