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5 Must-Dos for Outstanding Essay Writing

Nov 18, 2017 By Annabelle Blanchet 2.5K
Written By Anna Blanch

Today there is nothing easier than accessing necessary resources and materials, which is a matter of typing a question and making a click. This made teachers more demanding towards essay writing. Nowadays, memorizing material and writing it down in three to five paragraphs is not enough because schools set higher academic requirements. They expect students to have excellent analytical writing skills in order to fully understand and convey the information briefly and clearly. Thus, when it comes to challenging writing assignments, many students simply turn to custom writing help.
Feel pressured by this system? If you learn and use 5 must-dos for outstanding essay writing, you will no longer have issues with papers in high school and college alike.

1.    Structure Each Essay
Structure is everything. An essay is divided into several pieces with their own meaning and aim, which makes any text easy to scan and read. Agree that perceiving a solid text is harder than reading the same one divided into logical sections. Traditionally, the essay formula includes three main paragraphs:
Introduction. This is a paragraph where you introduce a reader to your topic and briefly describe the main point of your essay. It's also called a thesis statement, which is basically a sentence or two specifying what exactly you are going to prove or contradict in the main body.
Main body. This is the most impactful and extensive paragraph of each essay. It's typically split up in more sub-paragraphs. Each of these sub-paragraphs discloses one argument that stands either for or against a thesis.
Conclusion. This is a summary where you briefly retell every point from your main body and draw an overall conclusion.
This formula should be memorized as a math axiom.

2.    Structure each sub-section of your essay
Follow theses formula to build proper main body sub-paragraphs:
Statement: Just as you used a thesis statement for your entire essay, every paragraph has to start with an argument you are about to discuss.
Explanation: Writing your statement wouldn't make sense if you don't explain it. You are making an explanation to prove that a statement is true.
Example: Giving verified evidence is something that makes a reader believe. It can be a well-known fact, quote or an example from life.
Importance: How does your paragraph contribute to the main point of an essay? Prove the reader that it's really meaningful.

3.    Write an essay outline
Although many students prefer skipping this step, we strongly advise you to write a plan for each essay no matter if it has two pages or ten. Outlining essays takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes but what a great difference they can make! First, they automatically structure your text in logical paragraphs, second, they help you not to forget any of your arguments, points or examples and third, essay plans guide you throughout the process.

4.    Check and Edit
Completing your final draft doesn't mean the work is really finished. There is an important essay writing stage left at the end.
Proofreading and making corrections. If writing an essay was your home assignment, things are easier. Set a freshly written essay aside for a day or so and, then go back and reread it, best if you do it aloud. With a fresh mind, you'll be able to notice even the tiniest mistakes. Here is an essay editing guide for students.

However, not always students have an opportunity to wait until the next day, particularly when they write essay in class during their exams. In this case, you are recommended to wait until the very end. Even though you can finish their papers earlier, it makes sense to save a few minutes in the end for as essay check. You'll have time to chill out and get your thoughts together, which makes the process of proofreading more effective.

5.    Practice and Practice
After writing a couple dozens of same structured essays, you'll make it automatic. Don't be afraid to ask your high school teacher or a college professor to give you a hand, they will surely guide you with pleasure.

There are only 5 things to make each of your paper outstanding! Use them and you will never make it worse. 

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