Tips To Childproof Your Smartphone

If you have got kids or any young one at home, you know very well that sometimes they are going to want to play with your smartphone. In other situations, you might also want to hand over the device to your child as a distraction. If you do not childproof your phone, your obviously curious kid may exhaust your data or accidentally drop your phone which may damage its screen. So, before you hand over your smartphone, Obiaks Blog shares ways to help keep your device safe.

Get a durable case
One of the first things you should do is to invest in a durable case to keep your phone safe from accidental drops. Look for a case that is water resistant, in case your phone falls in water and make sure it covers all part of the phone's body.

Lock your screen 
The easiest way to help protect your child accessing anything on your phone is to lock your screen with a password, touch ID, or swipe ID. However, you have to be careful to ensure that your child doesn't enter the wrong password.

Password-protect Google play
In order to ensure you are not charged for apps, games, movies and books your child wants or mistakenly buys, you should password-protect access to the Google Play store. To protect yourself, go to settings in the Google Play app. Check the box next to the password option in order to use a password to restrict purchases.

Disable mobile data
Does your child really need mobile data? If he/she don't need mobile data, you should simply switch off. This is will help save your data and prevent any downloads.

Create a new user profile
You can also decide to create new user profiles just like you do with your computer. In the new profile, you can grant relevant access to whatever you want your kid to have access to. 

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