Things Not To Do When You Want To Get Hired

When you want to get hired, there are certain things you should keep in mind so the process can go a more smoothly for you. Obiaks Blog things not to do when you want to get hired.

Limiting Your Job Search
When you want to get hired, the one thing you shouldn't do is limit your search by applying only to positions that meet your exact criteria. Try to keep an open mind because you will sometimes not know exactly what the job entails from the job ad until you go for the interview. It's best to be more flexible with your job search so you will have more options to consider.

Applying For Jobs You Aren't Qualified For
This is simply a waste of time. Though you shouldn't limit your job search, you also shouldn't waste time and effort applying for positions you are likely never going to get interviewed for because you don't have the needed qualifications. For example, no matter how much a teacher with no computer programming training or experience wants to expand his/her job search, applying for the position of a C++ programmer is going way too far and such an application is very likely going to be rejected.

Applying For Jobs Only Through Job Boards
Applying for jobs only through job boards can be quite limiting; it is best to be more proactive in your job search and use all available job search resources (both online and offline). Aside job boards, you can consider applying directly to the companies through their 'careers section'. If the company has no immediate vacancy, you can leave your CV or cover letter in their database and if eventually there is a vacancy which you qualify for, you are likely going to receive an email to this effect. In addition, whether online or offline, you should take the time to follow-up on your applications to help increase your chances of securing an interview.

Throw in the Towel
Getting a job might not be simple and it might not always be easy to stay positive and focused, but you must never give up. If you give up, you will then have lost all chances of ever getting hired but if you keep at it, eventually an opportunity will come up. The only time you can give up on your job search is if you intend to become an entrepreneur and start a business of your own; otherwise, please keep at it because eventually you will get a positive response.

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