Interesting Ways To Minimise Smartphone Distraction

You can barely do without your smartphone because it is an essential tool for modern living. Regardless, it has a tendency to cause interruptions and distractions at the most inconvenient times. So, whether you are working or attending a meeting, or going out for a date, Obiaks Blog shares ways to minimise smartphone distraction.

Start using silent notifications
Putting alerts on silent is a good way to stay informed about what's in your inbox while being able to ignore your phone. With silent notifications, you will still see when an email waiting for you, but your phone won't beep or shake each time.

Set up do not disturb
iOS and Android now come with do not disturb features that allow you limit when notifications make a sound. If you cannot live without your apps or your alerts, then you can at least stop them from interrupting you at certain times of the day.

Turn off all notifications
You do not really need push notifications on your phone especially if you are checking it almost every minute. So, turn it off if you do not want to be distracted. However, if you cannot switch all your notifications, you can keep only the most important alerts.

Get a dedicated app
There are apps that can block your phone from getting new notifications even though it won't stop texts or phone calls.  Notification Blocker and AppBlock can help you briefly block distracting applications on your device so that you can stay focused.

Uninstall apps
If disabling or silencing notifications is not really helping you, go further to uninstall all but the most essential of apps. Once uninstalled, you should find yourself reaching for your phone a lot less.

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