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Things To Do To Your Smartphone It Does Not Power On

Oct 03, 2017 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 2K
There are moments where you need your and it stubbornly refuses to power on. The instant reaction of many people is that of fear, worry and concern. This expected reaction is because many of us cannot do without our phones. There are so many reasons why your phone may not come on. Before you take it to an engineer in your desperation, try these quick thins to do. 

Charge your phone 
In case your phone's battery is dead, your phone might show empty battery when you try to turn it on. However, if the battery is completely dead, your smartphone will not respond at all when you press the power button. A quick charge of your phone for few minutes should solve the problem.

Remove the battery
Your phone can hard freeze and refuse to respond. If the device is completely frozen, your device may be powered and running but the device refuses to start as the OS is frozen and fails to respond when the power button is pressed. In this case, you can do a hard reset to fix it. This will make the device to reboot.

Hard reset
If the phone battery is not removable, you need to long-press the power button. This is regarded as a hard reset. Hard resetting your phone battery means that you need to hold the button for 30 seconds or longer. Your phone should perform optimally after this.

Restore factory setting
While sometimes, your phone might begin booting, but the Operating System is crashing or freezing. You can reboot your device to the recovery mode and do a factory reset. The best way to boot up the device is to use recovery mode to do a factory reset. Power down your phone and boot it by holding several buttons at the same time. The buttons that your press will depend on your phone. This will override all your settings and restore your phone to the mode it came from the factory. 

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