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Surprisingly Clever Air Travel Tips

Oct 03, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 1.8K
There are some clever air travel tips that are important to know. Knowing these tips can help to significantly enhance your air travel experience.

Do an Amenities Comparison When Booking Flights
Not all airlines have the same amenities. There are airlines that offer great services, seat sizes, swiftness and entertainment at really great prices. You should, therefore, try to do a little research or ask one or two people versed in this area about them. Avoid the erroneous belief that all airlines are the same, and do some research to get the best airline with the best deal for your air travel.

If You Want To Adjust or Recline Your Seat, Politely Ask The Person Likely To Be Affected By The Change
It's funny that most people don't realize that simply politely talking to the person beside or at the back of you about your need to recline or adjust your seat, can go a long way in giving you a potentially more comfortable and convenient flight experience. If you're afraid to do it yourself, you can ask a flight attendant to help you out. The worst that can happen is that the person is unwilling to adjust, and in that case you can ask the flight attendant to help you ask around for those who won't mind adjusting for you, and you can exchange seats as appropriate. There's nothing herculean about it, you simply have to ask. Another alternative is that if you're traveling with a family or friend, at the time of booking, you can request to sit directly in front of him/her. A friend or family will easily be able to accommodate your need to adjust your seat every once in a while. The airline can make provisions for this, if such a request can be accommodated.

Treat The Flight Attendants Well
A flight attendant will be more willing to go the extra mile to secure your comfort during the flight, if you are simply nice to them. Try not to argue with them or ignore their instructions, and just be polite to them. At the end of the day, they are flight attendants not slaves or servants.

Bring Ear Plugs Along With You
The importance of bringing earplugs along with you, especially on long flights or overnight flights, can really not be over-emphasized. With ear plugs, it doesn't matter if or when the plane gets noisy, you can always plug in your earplugs and get much needed silence. Even in the hotel room, when you finally get to your destination, ear plugs can also be very valuable in helping you keep things quiet around you.

If You're Traveling With Children, Bring Some Entertainment Along With You
Bringing along a portable DVD player, an iPad or tablet, or a game player can help keep your young children occupied during the flight and give you some needed downtime. You can bring some entertainment for yourself too, to also keep yourself occupied. In this case, you can invest in good quality noise canceling earphones or headphones, so regardless of how noisy the plane gets, your entertainment or even that of your children will not be interrupted.

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