Secrets For Taking Awesome Smartphone Pictures

There are in fact ways to take totally awesome pictures with a smartphone, you just need to know how. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 secrets for taking awesome smartphone pictures.

Crop Over Zooming

Most smartphone cameras have digital zoom functions, which is great for convenience but not really that great when trying to take awesome pictures. If you observe closely, you'll notice how images degrade when you start to zoom into them. This is because, in the process of zooming, the camera extrapolates what's already there and basically tries to guess what the image looks like, this can ruin the quality of the picture in the process. It is therefore best to first capture the image normally and then crop it, if you want to bring out a specific detail.

Edit Over Using Filters

Using filter to enhance your image is probably not the best thing to do if you want your pictures to look unique. This is because millions of people have access to the same filters and have likely used it over and over and over again. Image editing apps like SnapSeed, Photoshop Express, or iPhoto are great for enhancing your pictures and making them stand out in awesome ways.

Use Better Camera Apps

A great camera app can gives you a more controlled shooting for your pictures that will make all the difference in helping you take great pictures. In addition to having a more controlled shooting, with camera apps, you can also shoot in bursts and separate AF locks from exposure locks. Before 'officially' using camera apps, it is best to practice using them to take some mundane or basic pictures to get the hang of its functions and features, and use them to take awesome pictures.

Turn Off the Flash

Yellow eyes, Red eyes or Demon eyes, and motion blurs are all problems  related with using smartphone flashes. It's much like the flashes of most smartphone cameras are actually  'glorified LED flashlights', used to perform a function that they are not really equipped or prepared for. Smartphone flashes have problems with 'flash duration', which is sometimes too long and makes the image blurry or terribly lit. The flashes are also really close to the lens, which makes pesky 'demon eyes' or 'red eyes' almost unavoidable. However, if you have no other light source and you really need to take a picture to document the moment, you can use the flash and manage the resulting outcome.

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