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Tips For Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Sep 21, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 2.1K
A LinkedIn company page is a great way for a business to promote its products and services, and engage with followers to leverage on word of mouth and direct consumer/customer engagement. However, to get the best of out of a company's LinkedIn page, there are some tips to consider.

Write a Great Summary
Take time to write out a great and detailed description about your company in the 'About Us' section, with all the necessary information that people should know about your company. Let your 'About Us' sections be written in such a way that anyone who reads it, leaves with a very good idea of what your company represents and the products/services your company offers. Also, ensure you use keywords in your description so your company page can easily be found through relevant or related searches.

Add Images
To stand out and avoid having a bland company page, it is best to add images to your company page. This primarily includes your company's logo and a cover image. LinkedIn research has shown that company pages with logo images get six times more traffic to their pages. Also, adding a logo image to your company page increases your credibility and makes it easier for your company to be identified or referred to.

Optimize Your Page For Searches
LinkedIn company pages are SEO-friendly mainly because Google previews up to 156 characters of a LinkedIn page text. It is, therefore, important to ensure that your descriptions and texts are led with powerful, keyword-rich copy. The best way to do this is to include words and phrases in your text that accurately describe your business, expertise and industry focus. This will make it easier for your company page to be seen in keyword searches.

Ensure Your Content is Engaging
Try to create good content that will drive conversations and word of mouth, and that will also help to create a platform for you to directly engage with your target audience. You can share company news, articles or leadership pieces as content, and you can also encourage your followers to share their views of hot topics, as well as ask them thoughtful and interesting questions to promote engagement. In addition, be sure to share rich content daily and try to avoid posting overly promotional messages; ensure that your messages (whether promotional or not) deliver some kind of benefit to your followers, no matter how little.

Set Engagement Targets
This will help keep you on feet and help to significantly grow your LinkedIn page in a relatively short while. Set ambitious but realistic targets for acquiring followers who match your 'ideal customer profile' and set engagement targets for engaging these followers you are able to acquire. LinkedIn has helpful analytics for tracking the changes in the size and composition of your followers, and for also displaying monthly engagement metrics for your posts. This can help you better optimize your updates and posts to suit individual performances.

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