Helpful Tips To Ease Jet Lag

Jet lag is a really uncomfortable phenomenon for most air travelers, especially the frequent ones. However, there are a few helpful tips that can help ease the sometimes unavoidable effects of jet lag on the body.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine
The air inside airplanes is quite dry, as a result, it leaves your skin stretched and dry. It is therefore necessary to drink enough water to keep your hydration levels at a healthy point. However, consuming alcohol or caffeine especially during a flight dehydrates you and makes it more difficult for your body to adjust to new time zones, which worsens jet lag.
Adjust Your Sleep and Eating Schedules
Do this for like a week or a few days before your flight, this gives your body a better chance to adjust to the impending changes. If you're traveling east, go to bed an hour earlier each night for two to three days before your flight. If you're traveling west, go to bed an hour later for two to three days too. You should also try to adjust your eating schedules so you have your meals closer to the time you will be eating them at your destination.

Sleep Well Before Your Flight
You should try to get several nights of good sleep in the days leading up to your flight, so you don't end up sleep deprived when you board the plane because this just makes jet lag worse. To ease jet lag, it is important to maintain a regular sleep schedule or routine in the days leading up to your flight, so it's easier for your body to deal with jetlag.

Do Light Exercise During the Flight
Sitting at the same spot for hours is enough to make anyone cranky, so try to avoid this by standing up and walking in the aisle of the plane (from time to time) to serve as a light exercise to help move your joints. You can also do some light stretching while in the aisle, such as standing side stretches. Moving your body can help to improve your blood circulation and it can also help you sleep more easily, especially if you go for a short walk before you sleep.

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