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Secrets For Avoiding Back Pain

Sep 20, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 1.4K
Back pains are entirely uncomfortable and quite annoying. It is usually caused by postural negligence.

This isn't so much of a secret, nevertheless it is an important way to help ease or avoid back pains. Gentle exercises or light stretches that help to release tension, can be a great way to combat back pain. You can perform these stretches at different points of the day, whenever you have free time. While on an airplane, maybe when you want to use the toilet, you can use the opportunity to walk in the aisle and do some light stretches to help release tension in your back, before returning to your seat.

Take a Nap or Go To Sleep
Surprising right? But sleep helps to facilitate the restoration of your muscles, and this can help to ward off back pain. However, for this to happen, your sleep has to be of high quality, meaning your mattress should be right for you, your pillows should not be too hard or high and should be placed properly. On an airplane, getting high quality sleep might be difficult, but you can improve the quality of your sleep largely by using a travel pillow and you should try to avoid falling asleep leaning forward without any back support.

Lift Things Correctly
Lifting things incorrectly is the number one mistake people that ends up causing them back pain. Always use safe lifting methods, especially when doing heavy or even slightly heavy lifting. Use a 'Knee Bend' for lifting objects with significant weight; while you can use a 'Golfer's Crouch' or 'Golfer's Lift' when stooping for smaller objects.

Avoid Sitting for Too Long
If you have to sit for long period of time, avoid slouching over and try to take 'standing up' breaks regularly. This is will help decrease the pressure on your back and help you avoid back pain. This is why during long flights, you shouldn't just sit down all through. Get up and walk down the aisle from time to time, your back will thank you for it.

Be Active
Being active and moving your joint often helps to strengthen your muscles which helps you to easily avoid back and other muscle problems. Also, a good 'core stability exercise' programme can help 'stabilize' your spine and provide a 'solid foundation for the rest of your body's movement'. Aside from being active, you should ensure you avoid movements and postures that can cause back pain. When sitting down, especially on an airplane, avoid slouching on the chair or leaning forward without back support, for prolonged periods.

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