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Aug 10, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 1.6K
Saving money might generally not be an easy thing to do, but if you know a few tricks to help, you might be able to successfully save more of your money and reduce your overall expenses.

Make and Pack Your Own Food
Making and packing your own food along when you're out and about is a great, but often overlooked, way of saving a significant amount of your money. Many people complain that the reason they are unable to make their own food, even though they would like to, is because they don't have time; but if you consider the daily schedules of most of these people, you'll realize they actually have time but are not just willing to use part of that time to get ready the food they would need for the following day.

Wait Until the End of Month to Make Large Purchases
Most times, towards the end of the month, in a bid to meet sales quotas for the month, sales persons are willing to give deep discounts in order for them to make sales and meet their quota. You will therefore be potentially saving a lot if you wait till the end of the month to make large purchases. 

Try Not To Use a Shopping Cart While Grocery Shopping
If you go to the grocery store to 'pick up a few items', you should try to avoid using a shopping cart because this can tempt you into buying extra things that you didn't intend to buy and most likely won't need.

Carry Around Large Bills
This is especially helpful when you're on vacation. If you are more cash-inclined than credit card-inclined, you are likely to spend less, and you can take this one step further by carrying around large bills which are harder to break - it can significantly help to keep you from making impulse purchases.

Use a 48-hour Waiting Period
For most of your big and expensive purchases, try imposing a 48-hour waiting period before buying them. This is because the waiting period can prove vital in helping you realize the items that are in fact impulse purchases, and help you avoid what would have been a regrettable purchase.

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