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Ways To Deal With Flight Cancellations And Delays

Flight cancellations and delays are now a norm among Nigerian airlines. Without providing information, they simply announce that your flight has been canceled or delayed. You are shocked and angry not because of the cancellation but due to the lack of courtesy for you and other customers. A good example is Medview Airline that canceled its flight from Nigeria to London thereby leaving many passengers stranded at the airport in both Nigeria and London. They did not make any provision for these passengers

Getting the news that your flight has been abruptly canceled can easily make you lose focus. This is because you already schedule your itinerant and not flying on that day can be costly. Think of the next thing you have to do. Is it for someone to pick you up at the airport? Call your boss? Or find a place to sleep?

Keep your cool
You will not be blamed if you lose your cool. You have all the right to go berzerk. There were reports of passengers beating up airline staff for flight cancellations and delays. You do not have to be counted among them. Be firm but polite with staff. Chances are that, it's not their fault. Don't just lose your cool.

Make friends/network
Making friends is always good especially when you are waiting to be airlifted. This is just one of the perks of your flight being canceled or delayed.

Entertain yourself
Always carry with you something that helps you kill time. The first thing that comes to mind is your phone. So ensure your phone is fully charged and do not forget your external charger.

Eat and drink
Eat and drink to help you keep your cool. Dehydration and hunger are obviously going to make you feel worse later on. So, if you have not eaten, visit a restaurant to quench your hunger.

Seek compensation
Don't allow things to go just like that. God will not come down to change things because some Nigerians will say they should leave it in the hands of God. So, seek compensation from the airline for delaying your flight and if they do not respond, you should go to court (if you can).

Make a complaint
You can make a complaint to the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). Of course, you may think that they may not do anything but still, you should still make your complaint. The more the complaint about a particular airline, the more they will be prompted to do something.

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