Must Know Appearance Pitfalls That Turns People Off

Appearance is key. The way you look or appear goes a long way in determining whether girls will swarm around you or guys will give you a second, third and even a fourth look. You just have to put more efforts in improving your looks. To help boost your appearance game,

You sweat a lot
Your cloth's underarm is ridden in sweat. It is the same with your face. This is how you appear or report to work daily. Do you think anyone will talk to with your sweaty underarm? Deal with it by using an armpit deodorant and put your handkerchief into good use by wiping your face.

Your belt and shoe does not match
This is a simplistic fashion mistake some guys make. It is unforgivable. Your belt must match your shoe!

 Yellow teeth
Poor dental hygiene can also turn people off. Find time to get your teeth cleaned by booking an appointment with your dentist. Imagine laughing or smiling and your teeth is sparkling white!

Your skin is dry
It only takes several minutes for you to apply cream to your skin. However, some persons still don't bother about it. Henceforth, try and keep your skin moist.

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