Ways To Protect Elders From Scams

Elders are very much vulnerable to financial and internet fraud because of their advanced age. As a result, some rogues take advantage of this to defraud them. They may not even be aware of this. You will simply notice that your aged mum or dad keep asking for money every week. Hence, it is very important for you to shield or protect them from fraud. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways to do this.

Limit marketing calls
Since elders are always at home,  they are more susceptible to scammers who might target their phones. You can block spam calls and messages by using Truecaller.

Know their online profile
The internet is a minefield of information. You will know everything about an individual with the click of a button. So, take time out to check out their online profile so that you can remove any information hackers and scammers can use to defraud your parents.

Scrutinise their bank statement
Since they aged, you should have access to their bank statement. Hence, from time to time, request for their financial statement and scrutinise it. If you notice any irregularities, you should find out why.

Observe changes in them
It is easier to know when something is wrong with an elderly person. Do not ignore these changes or sign. It may be that someone is defrauding them. Talk to them and find out the reason why they are depressed.

Get a trustworthy person to help
You may not have enough time to do all of the above because you do not have enough time. Get someone (it may be a sibling or cousin) you can trust to assist your parents in performing their financial transactions. However, still take time out to check what the person is doing.

Take action
Immediately you notice any kind of financial scam, you should not overlook it. Take action to block the loophole notwithstanding if it is online or offline.

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