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Smart Tips To Keep Your Baby From Crying On Planes

Jul 28, 2017 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.1K
Flying with a baby or an infant can be very discouraging and distressing at times because there is every likelihood that he/she is going to cry. And also, some passengers may be pissed. Despite this, you cannot blame the baby for crying and also cannot abandon your baby at home. However, you can do something to prevent or keep them from whining.

Distract With Toys
Babies can associate calmness with movement. A perfect way to keep them calm is by giving them their favourite toys or animals to play with. The more you keep your child's attention on things that are fun, the less likely they are to scream.

Bring a travel companion
If you can afford it, you should book a flight for your sister or friend. Their sole responsibility is to take care of your baby especially if it seems like you may be busy.

Plan flights around the time they sleep
When children are not sleeping, they are either playing or disturbing you. Of course, you know that if they sleep there will be little or no disturbing. Hence, try and fly during the time they are most likely to sleep which is probably in the evening or night.

Bring prescribed drugs along
You should remember to bring the prescribed meds along if your son or daughter is bothered by any infection. You can administer such drugs before you fly. You should only do this if the infection will make the baby cry.

Be patient
This is the ultimate virtue for flying with a baby. You have to understand that they are infants and crying is the only way they express hunger, boredom or tiredness. So, be patient so that you won't beat your child like some mothers do.

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