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Jul 28, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 1.2K
Kaduna is a state in north-western Nigeria and it's a trade center and major transportation hub for the surrounding agricultural areas because of its rail and road junction. It's a beautiful industrious state with much to offer in the area of tourism. Unfortunately, this often goes unnoticed largely because of some of the security issues they've faced in the past. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 interesting reasons why Kaduna is loved.

Kajuru Castle
Need I say more? It's a luxurious, private and exclusive castle with a stunning view and scenic landscape. It's a striking architectural masterpiece secluded from the hustle and bustle of daily living, making it the perfect getaway. What's not to love about it!

Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club
Yes Kaduna has a Polo and Country club, and it's a beautiful private Polo club that caters to a range of equestrian sports activities. Despite being private it invites non-members to visit and enjoy many of its facilities. The club also has an exercise track, a restaurant and lounge bar with a nice view of polo games taking place. It hosts two main Polo tournaments between May - June and October - November.

Kamuku National Park
For the lovers of nature, here is a little something for you. The park is one of the finest areas of savannah remaining in Nigeria and it shares a boundary with Kwiambana Game Reserve, separated only by the River of Mariga. The terrain of the park is flat with an enviable biodiversity profile that supports a variety of flora and fauna including endangered African elephants. The park is also a paradise for bird watchers with beautiful natural attractions like the Dogon Ruwa Waterfalls, the Goron Dutse and the Tsuanin Rema to admire.

Amalgation House
This iconic piece of history is the building where Lord Lugard, the colonial governor, amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914, making Nigeria one geographical entity. It's also where the cease-fire was declared in 1970 to end the Nigerian Civil War. This place is a likely gold-mine for historians.

River Kaduna and the Lord Lugard Foot Bridge
The city actually got its name from the river Kaduna and the river provides an attractive and beautiful scenery that can be fully explored and enjoyed on an evening sight-seeing. The Lord Lugard foot bridge, another tourist attraction, was transported down to Kaduna by Lord Lugard. The state government has given this monument a face lift and developed it into a tourist relaxation center to admire.

Trappco Ranch and Resort
This stunning getaway was purposely established a relaxation center for tourists. It's one of the must-visit places in Kaduna and another reason to love Kaduna. The ranch and resort has established itself as a conducive and favorable place for visiting tourists.

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