Hilarious Pick Up Lines Nigerian Men Use

We've all heard that the easiest way to a woman's heart is through words and some Nigerian men have taken it upon themselves to add some flavour to this saying by being humorous with their attempts to woo women with words.

"You Look Familiar. Have We Met?"
This is a very popular pick up line used most times by those who are a little shy at heart and want to establish some kind of common ground with the lady when they first walk up to her. Nigerian men typically use this in an attempt to start a meaningful conversation with the lady. Unfortunately, some ladies actually find this annoying and don't have a very friendly response to the question.

"You're really pretty. You Look Like My Mum"
The second part of this pick up line can vary from 'you look like my mum' to 'you remind me of my mum'; either way the point is to compliment the lady and try to develop some kind of connection or common ground with her by relating her to his mother. Some Nigerian men might actually be sincere with this one but it doesn't change the fact that it's stunning and laughable to most ladies.

"Chai, I wish I met you first"
This particular pick up line is more stunning than hilarious but it's another one from Nigerian men that ladies have to deal with. This pick up line is synonymous with Nigerian men who are already in a committed relationship but see a lady they consider better than the one they are with. Interestingly, you might think a lady will be put off by this line but some are actually flattered by it and it softens them up. Nevertheless, it is advisable that once a lady hears this one she should tread carefully to avoid a very painful heartbreak.

"I know the crack on your lips comes with the weather. Baby let me anoint your lips, I can be your lip gloss"
This interesting pick up line is likely to be used by Nigerian men during the harmattan season. Good luck dealing with it ladies.

"God told me you're my wife"
This is mainly used by the religious toasters. They don't seem to have the guts to woo a lady the normal way, so they bring God into what He has no business with believing that the lady's respect for God will help to win her over. There was once a time some of these religious toasters feared God and used this only when they had actually heard from God, but now a good number of them abuse it and use it as a means to an end.

"I am not a prophet but I can see You and I Together"
Another pick up line for the religiously inclined, and funny enough it actually works for some ladies depending on how well the Nigerian man is able to use it. Besides, some ladies appreciate the men who use this pick line for being honest and not using the annoying "God told you're my wife" pick up line.

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