Ways To Be A Better Listener

Listening is not a concept and idea that is unique to everyone. Some people cannot just listen to you when you are talking to them. They simply lose concentration. This is why there are so many complaints about people finding it difficult to understand each other in a relationship because they do not listen. Well, if you are not a good listen, you are in luck!

Listen to learn
Certain individuals listen just because they want to be polite. They are not interested in whatever you have got to say. Hence, they are right there with you but their mind is somewhere else. At the end, when you ask about what you said, they are lost.

Put your phone away
Smartphone has always been a distraction when people are having a conversion. So, to become a better listener, get rid of your phone.

Wait until the speaker is done talking
Do not interrupt a conversation. You should give that person the opportunity to finish expressing his or her opinion before you respond. During the period he/she is talking, you will be able to process what they are saying and give a more concise and intelligent reply.

Make eye contact and smile
Oftentimes, when you make eye contact with whom you are speaking with, it shows that you are paying attention. This will prevent your mind from wandering off the conversation.

Do not make assumptions
Do not try to anticipate or predict what your friend or colleague wants to say, you may be wrong. So, wait for them to express their thought and you will be surprised that it is different from what you are thinking.

Give replies that show you are listening
Your replies and responses must tally with whatever you are listening to. You should do this if you do not want to speak out of point, you should listen.

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