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Hilarious Ways Nigerian Mothers Make Conversation With Children

Jul 27, 2017 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.3K
Nigerian mothers are special. This is because there are so many unique things about them. One of which is the way they make conversation with their children.

Rolling of the eyes
Your mum has visitors. You do not need to be told to leave. However, some kids stay to listen to their conversation. Trust mothers, the way they will roll their eyes, it is a sign that you should leave. If you do not get the signal and you are close to her, she will pinch you. By then, a clear message has been sent! If you still refuse, you will definitely receive a dirty slap from your mum after her visitors have left.

Hot slap
She has been warning you to stop being naughty but you did not listen. She said the same thing repeatedly and no changes. When she becomes frustrated, the next thing is her five fingers on your cheek. That should retune your brain temporarily.

Caning while sleeping
You went to play football when you were supposed to deliver a message for her or you lost money because you were too playful. You would think she has forgiven you. But alas! She has not. In the night while you are sleeping, she will come for you with her bare hands

Promise to buy them something just to getaway
A child is crying and your mother is going to work, she will promise the child sweets and biscuits. This is in a bid for her to getaway. Of course, they will buy the sweets and biscuits for you when they return.

Food denial
If your mum does not want to have a conversation with you through the aforementioned, she will punish you by simply denying you food. The most painful food denial is dinner. You have to go to bed empty.

The pep talk
This is the real conversation and many consider this as the most excruciating. The pep talk can go for over an hour. She tells you all your life history and the need for you to accept God and change. You will even give prefer them to flog you so that you can leave.

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