Reasons Why We Love Humble People

Have ever wondered why we love humble people so much? There's indeed something about them that's truly very endearing. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 reasons why we love humble people.

They are Rare
Too many people spend too much time declaring and trying to prove how unique they are, so when you meet a humble person it's like a breath of fresh air. Humble people tend to stand out and be noticed without even trying, and because of this they also tend to be appreciated for their rare personality.

They are Self-Less

Regardless of what we say, deep down we all like to be cared for, and this is what humble people do. When we are around them, they make us feel cared for because they often put others before themselves, and for this reason they tug at our hearts.

They are Good Listeners
Because of how self-less humble people are, they tend to be very good listeners. When you talk to them or confide in them, they make you feel heard and valued. It's a nice feeling. They are also hardly judgmental of others and are comfortable learning about others.

They Admit Mistakes
Humble people are very teachable because they do not see themselves as perfect. They welcome avenues to learn and better themselves, and can find it within themselves to apologize for a wrong done without their egos being damaged. This makes them very likeable.

They are Mature
We all know maturity is very endearing; it's something that can hardly be explained but just is. Humble people are quite mature and hardly exhibit annoying childish behaviours, mainly because it takes a level of maturity to learn to be humble in the first place. For this reason, because of their endearing maturity, humble people are loved.

They are Confident in an Admirable Way
Their confidence is not 'in your face' kind of confidence; it's a subtle kind that might initially even be mistaken for timidity until you get to know them. They are typically assertive people but they have somehow found a way to be assertive in a non-offensive way. Also, because of how confident and secure they are, people tend to feel good and thrive around them because they allow others excel and shine in their midst. People typically feel appreciated around them.

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