Effective Ways To Break A Phone Addiction

An addition is basically when a thing begins to control your life and interferes with your daily activities, work and relationships. When your phone starts to do that to you, it has become an addiction you need to immediately break. 

The First Few Minutes of Your Day

The first way to break a phone addiction is to dedicate the first 10 to 30 minutes of your day, at least, to planning and creating a good start to your day, rather than unlocking your phone to browse various internet or social media platforms.

Create No-Phone Periods

You have to be strict with this one because this can significantly decrease your productivity and efficiency once you are unable to carry it out. If you find yourself constantly being distracted by your phone, it is necessary to create a no-phone period, where for a specific number of minutes or hours you close off your phone and stay completely dedicated to your work.

Don't Lose Sleep Over Your Phone

Set limits. You should never allow your phone deprive you of your sleep. Be disciplined and set limits. The moment you stop putting energy into caring for your basic needs and start putting all your time and energy into your phone, you are allowing your phone dictate your health and well-being. Please stop that, your phone is not worth your health.

Customize Your Notifications

The fact is the lesser notifications you receive, the less likely you are to get distracted by your smartphone and constantly check your smartphone. Therefore, customize your smartphone notifications by turning off notifications for the apps that distract you the most.

Work on Building Real Life Relationships

Rather than spending hours building virtual relationships, try to get real and work to develop real world relationships. Real world relationships are more physically and emotionally gratifying than virtual relationships, so try to move your relationships with people from your phone to a real world platform. Instead of chatting, try to meet up somewhere next time (but be careful with this however and take this step with people you are without a doubt sure you can trust. The key word here is 'without a doubt'.)

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