Annoying Things Everyone Who Use A Nigerian Bank Can Understand

Banking in Nigeria has greatly advanced. In the past, you will find long queues but today the opposite is the case. Many of them have embraced technology and have simplified the banking process. Regardless, there are still some annoying things that these banks do that are very frustrating. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some of these things.

Asking you to bring utility bill to open an account

Whenever you visit a bank in Nigeria to open an account, you are asked to bring a utility bill to confirm your address. Sometimes you begin to wonder, what you really need a utility bill for when you have BVN. BVN has every information about an individual including the fingerprints. You cannot change your fingerprint but you can change your address.

They deduct your money due to unnecessary charges

You know one of the annoying alerts you get every month are the charges from your bank. The way some banks remove your money will tempt you to go to the bank to withdraw all of it and transfer it to another one.

They cannot process your complaint because your names are different

If you use two names in one document and use three names in another document, some banks will never accept or process the document from you. They will tell you the process may get stuck because of the name difference.

You have to wait for days when the ATM refuses to dispense money and you have been debited

A faithful morning, you use the ATM of another bank to withdraw but the ATM refuse to dispense and your account is debited. Just be prepared for a long battle with your bank because you will not get your money back in 24 hours. First, you have to complain to your bank for them to reverse and depending on the bank, it can take weeks or months. If you don't have money, you are on your own for that day. The question is why can't they reverse it immediately?

And you need money urgently and they tell you 'no network'

You don't have money and you have tried several ATMs and they are not dispensing cash. You have no choice than to withdraw money at your bank. You walk into your bank and they tell you that there is no network, you will just get frustrated. The annoying thing is that if there is no network at that branch, it will be same at other branches. And without the network, they cannot do anything! Just start praying that the network comes back!

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