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Jun 17, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 2.4K
Achieving your dreams isn't easy, you have to brave and be willing to stand strong to adversity and criticisms. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 7 things you should ignore to help you stand strong and achieve your dreams


Rather than dwelling on difficulties, think of solutions. Remember that the time wasted dwelling on difficulties, can be invested in contemplating solutions to bring you out of difficulties. Contemplating solutions helps move you forward, while dwelling on difficulties keeps you stagnant.


There is a popular belief that there are good and bad critics. The good ones criticize constructively, the bad ones criticize destructively. However, the truth is, the input of individuals who know nothing about your dreams and abilities is useless. You should therefore ignore these critics, and listen instead to the input of those who not only know about your dreams and abilities, but also believe in you. Their contribution and advice is worth more than gold because it is sincere, based on an understanding of your personality and the situation, and it is more likely to be helpful when applied.


Just learn to do it afraid. Don't focus on the fear because it might always be there.  The feeling of fear might just not go away, and that's the point. Your dreams are meant to challenge you to face your fears, they should bring out the best in you and help you grow as a person.


Stop comparing yourself to your peers. You are not all going to the same place. Does someone who is going to live in the north-pole pack the same clothes as someone going to live in the desert? It's a funny analog but if you think deeply about it, you will find truth in it. Learn to ignore what others are doing and live your own life. If social media is making it difficult for you to do so, take a break from social media or create new social media accounts. Find your path, stay true to your path and avoid unnecessary comparisons.


Sometimes, the sad truth is you are your own enemy. There is no reason why you should destructively criticize your own self and abilities. Believe in yourself. Be your own cheerleader and you should not, for any reason, bring your own self down. Don't be your own enemy and kill your dreams with unnecessary pessimism and negativity.


Think of it this way, if you are travelling a long distance by air, land or sea, you are not going to feel completely comfortable throughout the journey, but you endure because you know you have to get to your destination. Apply this mindset in the pursuit of your dreams and you will be able to overcome the number 1 dream killer - comfort. Learn to choose sacrifice and persistence over comfort.


Listen to the lessons of failures but ignore the fear of failure. The fact that you failed once doesn't guarantee you are going to fail again; if anything, it should ensure your success because you now know what not to do. Learn to allow failure fuel your steps.

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