Tourist Destinations Where You Have To Be Culturally Conscious

Nigeria is a country blessed with attractive, beautiful and amazing tourist destinations. While you are allowed to visit many of these destinations, there are some of them you have to be culturally conscious before you can visit. This means there are cultural rules on the ground you have to respect or follow. You won't like to know the consequences of disregarding these rules which have been existing for decades. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency identifies some of these tourist destinations.

Ogbunike Cave

The Ogbunike cave is a revered cave in Anambra state in Eastern Nigeria. It is located in Oyi local government area and it is just 10km drive from Onitsha. The cave is populated by bats, while the rainforest circling it is inhabited by deer, antelopes, alligators and snakes. The cave features 10 tunnels and main chamber as well as a walkway made of 317 steps. The cultural rules are displayed on a sign at the entrance which reads: remove your shoes before entering the cave, ladies under period banned and herbalist or spiritual ceremony in the cave is banned.

Idanre Hills