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Smart Tips To Help You Sleep Faster And Better

Adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. But, due to circumstances that is usually within their control, they don't get this recommended amount of sleep. Even when they do, they wake up tired and with a headache. This means they didn't sleep well and as a result, their eyes are always begging and pleading for sleep. When they can't control it, you find them sleeping in commercial buses, at work and dangerously behind the car steering. This shouldn't happen to a gentleman or beautiful lady like. Simply follow these tips shared by Jumia Travel, the leading online booking agency to help you sleep faster and better.

Set your environment

The way you set your environment will definitely determine how well you sleep especially at night.  For you to sleep better and faster, you should switch off phones, and light bulb as well as get rid of outdoor noises like the one from your generator. In addition to this, the temperature in the room is important. You can never sleep well in a room that is hot. You should leave your windows open for fresh air to come in.

Clear blocked nostrils before sleeping

When you sleep, you breathe in less air compared to when you are wide awake. Consequently, if your nostrils are blocked, the oxygen flowing into your body will be very limited. Thus affecting your sleep. So, if your nostrils are blocked, you should clear them before you sleep. To make it easier, you should buy an inhaler.

Maintain a regular sleep schedule

There are quite a number of factors that will prevent you from maintaining a regular sleep schedule, especially, if you reside in Lagos. Nevertheless, you can do it of you put your mind to it. You can decide sleep 9 or 10 pm daily depending on when you return from your everyday hustle. This body will automatically tailor itself to this schedule and you will sleep well. But the day you miss this schedule, it is back to complain that you don't get enough naps. Regular exercise can also help you reset your body to fit into the schedule.

Think less

You can think about anything and everything during the day. But in the night, or whenever you want to sleep, you should think less or get rid of these thoughts if you seriously want to sleep faster and better.

Change your bed and pillow

Your bed and pillow have a vast role to play in how well you sleep. There are now orthopedic beds that can help you sleep better. So, if you don't sleep well, you should probably change your bed and pillow.

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