Much Ado About Owambe Aso-ebi

There are very few weddings or parties that a particular cloth is not selected for attendees to wear. Depending on the personalities behind the wedding, the cloth or aso-ebi may cost an arm and a leg. Some persons go as far as borrowing money to buy the aso-ebi. So, every weekend, they traverse different parties with their towering headgear and aso-ebi. To further stress this point, Jumia Travel shares a conversation between husband and wife on aso-ebi.

Wife: My darling...did you see the invitation card on the dining table?

Husband: Yes honey. Mummy Jane Doe's daughter is getting married next week at the Convention Center of Eko Hotel & Suites.

Wife: (Excited) She came by today to give me the I.V. and you know that I can't miss that wedding. Mummy Jane is my best friend. But...

Husband: (frowns) but what again?  I said I saw the I.V. (says to himself) I know where she is taking this conversation.

Wife: Hanha...Honey...she says the aso-ebi is...

Husband: (eyes wide open) another aso-ebi again?

Wife: This one is not that expensive. For men, you only buy cap N1,000 and for us women, you know we have wahala, (laughs) it is just N20,000.

Husband: N20,000. Wait, darling....wait...Last week you went to a wedding, you wore aso-ebi 15,000. You have not calculated money for tailor ooo. Last two weeks, another wedding, you bought aso-ebi, 30,000. Meanwhile, in your cupboard, you have tons of aso-ebi that you have only worn once. Kilode. Don't you women know Nigeria is in a recession?

Wife: What is it now? Please leave me with my aso-ebi ooo. Why are you complaining self? Even if Nigeria is in recession, I know it hasn't affected you. And remember that your daughter is going to get married one day and we are going to invite our friends.

Husband: (shakes his head) women...

Wife: My own is that you should give me N20,000 to buy the aso-ebi. I don't have money. And you are talking as it is only women that buy aso-ebi.

Husband: I am sorry the last two weeks, I have spent nothing less than 60,000 on aso-ebi. I don't have this 20,000 you are requesting for. If you have other things to can tell but not this aso-ebi!

Wife: (pecks him as she walks away) I know you will give me the money...

Husband: I am not understanding this craze or fuss about aso-ebi. Egbami ke? So, I will have to buy aso-ebi weekly. Not this time!

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