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8 Ways to Deal With Sweaty Armpits

Jun 08, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 2.5K
It can be very uncomfortable - even agitating - to get dressed, looking all smart and appealing, only for something as little as sweat under your arms to ruin it all. There is something unarguably embarrassing about having the underarm of your dress, blouse or shirt drenched in sweat, and it gets worse if it's the only sweat-stained part of your clothing. Asides this, there is also the unpleasant odour resulting from such underarm sweating to deal with. It could all be a frustrating experience indeed.

Jumia Travel shares 8 ways to help you deal with sweaty armpits and avoid such uncomfortable situations.

Use the Appropriate Product for Your Problem

You can't stop your body from perspiring because if your body stopped excreting sweat and toxins through the skin, you would die. You thus can only manage and try to control your bodily perspiration. One of the ways to do this is to use deodorants and topical anti-perspirants. Deodorants do little or nothing to stop underarm sweating; but they help to mask the odour. Deodorants that use gentle and natural ingredients will work well.

To avoid sweat stains, you can use commercial anti-perspirants that use aluminum chloride hexahydrate. They are effective in controlling the amount of sweat your armpits produce. Also, consider seeing a dermatologist to discuss possible prescription anti-perspirant products that can be advised for your use.

NOTE: It is important you apply these products properly for them to be effective. Deodorants or anti-perspirants should be applied to clean underarms, not already sweaty ones. It is best to apply these products first thing in the morning after your bath, and any other time after bathing. Always wash your underarms with clean water and soap (be thorough about it and dab with a towel until dry), then apply a thin layer of anti-perspirant or deodorant to your dry underarms. If you can't wash your underarm with soap and water, alternate the use of a wet and dry cloth to clean your underarm until it's dry.

Use Natural Remedies

Though there are all-natural commercial deodorants and anti-perspirant products at your disposal, you can create your own natural ones. One of such natural remedies is to mix equal parts of baking soda and water to create a paste. Apply the paste on both of armpits and let it sit for 20 - 30 minutes, before rinsing off the mixture.

Another remedy to consider is using apple vinegar, or other malt vinegar, on your armpits to neutralize the armpit's natural odour-causing bacteria. This helps to create a drying effect in your underarm, which helps you sweat less and stay dry. A mixture of lemon juice and tomato pulp can also be considered. You mix them together until a paste is formed, then you apply the paste in your underarms and allow to sit for 15 minutes.

Practice Good Hygiene

Asides using products and remedies, managing and controlling underarm sweating require the practice of good body hygiene to aid the effectiveness of such products and remedies. It is important to shower regularly to keep your body clean and dry. You should shower your body, or at least your underarms, once or twice a day. If you are someone who remained active throughout the day, it is advisable to add to your morning shower and shower before bed so you can wash off the sweat produced during the day's activities.

You should also shave your armpit hair regularly. This will help to prevent sweat from collecting in your armpits which helps to make sweat stains less pronounced and odours less prevalent. In addition, you should try to wash your shirts and dresses after every use or as often as possible. This will greatly help those dealing with underarm body odor. Washing your shirts and dresses often will keep bacteria from building over time and acting on the dried sweat to produce unpleasant odours.

Let Your Body Cool Down Before You Put Clothes On

It is important to let your body cool down before you put clothes on, if not you may immediately start sweating. Even after you have just had a bath, you should learn to relax and let your body cool down before you put on clothes. Regardless of where you are rushing to, remember that it is better to take a few seconds to calm yourself down than skip that step and rush to your destination with an unsightly underarm sweat stain.

Be Selective About Your Clothing

Go for clothing made of natural, more breathable fabrics like cotton, wool, hemp, silk or linen, because of their looser weaves. The fibers of these fabrics help to absorb moisture well, make it possible for accumulated moisture to evaporate easily and are less inclined to trap heat and make your body sweaty. Some man-made fabrics like banbook, lyocell, modal and some microfiber fabrics can be considered because they function similarly to natural fabrics.

Consider Changing Your Clothes Often

You can also consider changing your clothes often, or avoid wearing the clothes you intend to use for an outing around the house. You can keep a change of clothing handy from time to time.

Layer Your Clothes

You can consider layering your clothes so sweat won't come through to your outer cloth easily. It is important to choose the right clothing material for this. Breathable fabrics are the best choice. You should also keep these inner wears washed and cleaned regularly to avoid unpleasant odours.

Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety tend to lead to excessive sweating and effusive underarm sweating. Practicing relaxation techniques, deep breathing and meditation exercises can help produce the calming effect needed to manage this situation.

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