Interesting Benefits Of Bank Sms Alert

There is no bank that doesn't provide bank alert services to their customers. It is one of the ways they have devised to make money. While some customers have activated the alert, others haven't perhaps because they don't see the need for it. Even those who have activated a bank alert don't see the value. All they see are greedy banks deducting a certain amount from their accounts at the end of the month for the service. But this is not the case at all. There are lots of benefits to receiving mobile bank alerts. Jumia Travel, the online travel agency shares some of these benefits.

You know when deposits are posted 

You go to the bank and pay in some money into your account, you expect that when such money is eventually paid into your account, it is expected that your bank sends you the alert. It may be delayed. But if it doesn't arrive, you should probably contact your bank to find out why.

Prevents fraud and theft

If there is fraud or any irregular activities/changes in your bank account, you will get an alert especially when money is deducted from your account without your authorization. You can immediately take action before your account is emptied.

You are up-to-date on your account activities

With a bank alert, you can keep track of all you account activities. The deposits and withdrawals as well as other deductions your bank make. Also, it can also serve as proof that you actually sent or received a certain amount.

Get reminders

Another benefit of an SMS bank alert is that you will get reminders and other relevant information. For example, you get reminders about when your ATM card will expire. You will also get birthday wishes from your bank.

Keeps you sane

Alert keeps you sane particularly when you are expecting some emergency cash. This is because if you don't get the alert you may become very worried and end up getting yourself unnecessarily worked up. The money may have hit your account but the alert is just been delayed by network issues. Just avoid checking your phone every second.

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